Effect of New Zealand Blackcurrant on Performance during the Running Based Anaerobic Sprint Test in Elite and Non-Elite Football Players


  • Study tested 600mg NZBC on 15 non-elite and nine elite football players to investigate whether blackcurrant extract would improve performance during repeated, high-intensity sprints 
  • Blackcurrant had a clear effect on elite players, who experienced less slowing in the sprint tests
  • Elite players had reduced slowing of sprint times, an effect not observed in the non-elite players
  • 12 of the 24 players (including five of the nine elites) demonstrated a lower fatigue index by a combined absolute value of 3.5%, calculated on the change in maximum power to the slowest sprint
  • Elite footballers benefited more from New Zealand blackcurrant extract supplementation in exhaustive running test with long recovery times
Abstract: Sports Nutrition and Supplements Conference, Philadelphia, December 2016

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