New Zealand blackcurrants:
Superstars for sports people

New Zealand blackcurrants: Superstars for sports people 

A proven, unique product to accelerate your fitness goals

Compelling potential benefits in one cost-effective, pre-workout supplement

  • Performance, recovery, energy and fat-burning - all in one product
  • Backed by double-blind, peer-reviewed research
  • Outstanding for reducing muscle soreness and improving recovery
  • May help adherence to exercise regimes

CurraNZ offers a unique, world-first combination of actions

  • Signficiant performance effect (double-blind cycling and running studies)
  • Reduces fatigue and soreness during AND after exercise
  • Allows athletes to maintain maximal sprints and reduce fatigue in team-based sports
  • Increases fat oxidation by almost 30% during exercise
  • Contains powerful antioxidants, essential for fighting oxidative stress
  • Increases blood flow by up to 20% and cardiac output 27.5%      
  • 100% guaranteed for muscle recovery 
  • Drug tested (Click here for certificate)

Fat burning. Endurance. Recovery.

Naturally - all in one guaranteed product - ONLY in CurraNZ

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A World leading Superfood

Antioxidant rich.

  • Fat Burning

    Unprecedented fat burning gains during exercise
  • Circulatory hero!

    Promotes circulation and oxygen delivery through vasodilation
  • 100% Natural

    100% Natural sports and health supplement
  • "Perfect Prescription"

    Packed with blackcurrant anthocyanins for brain health and longevity - BBC