'CurraNZ helped me to win double World Ironman Under 25 Championship titles' 

Lucy Charles

Double World and British IronMan Champion (18-25)

I started using the antioxidant-rich blackcurrant in March 2015 and noticed a big difference, especially during a pre-season two-week training camp in Lanzarote, where I managed to train solidly with next to no fatigue, covering over 600 miles on the bike.

Since then, I've used CurraNZ for every race this season, which has allowed me to jump straight back into training on a Monday morning.

Once my longer races started I was pleasantly surprised at my recovery rate, even after a full Ironman!

I have no doubt that CurraNZ, alongside consistent hard work and dedication, has led to my recent successes, becoming the under 25 Ironman 70.3 World Champion in Austria and Hawaii.



'I've avoided DOMS and had the best training block of my career using CurraNZ'

Rose-Anne Galligan

Irish 800m record holder, professional athlete

As a professional athlete recovery is very important to me. The 22 hours of the day that you are not training are just as important, if not more so than the two hours of training. Recovery is key to performance.

With this in mind, I started using CurraNZ at the beginning of my Olympic training block for Rio 2016 and have used it throughout my winter training and during training camps to high altitude.

Since taking CurraNZ I have found that I am able to train harder, perform better and push myself to new limits. It has also helped me to avoid the dreaded 'DOMs' after hard training sessions and races, which has in turn allowed me to keep my training intensity up as I feel a lot fresher.

Using CurraNZ has also made me feel a lot leaner and I have just had my best block of winter training of my career.

This natural supplement definitely allows you to run at a higher threshold, improve endurance and increase fat burning. I really recommend this product to anyone who is looking to train smarter and improve their overall performance.

*Following 'the best winter training block' she has had of her career, Rose-Anne ran lifetime personal bests for the 1500m and 3000m in February, 2016, in the countdown to Rio Olympics.



'I have used many products in the past but have never experienced the dramatic results of CurraNZ. Supplements come and go but CurraNZ is here to stay.'

Chris Stirling

Elite triathlete, mountain runner - Northern Ireland representative

As an elite triathlete and mountain runner, I am always on the lookout for products to give me that extra edge to train, recover and race faster. I am also extremely conscious of what I put into my body and seek out natural products wherever possible.

Needless to say I have tried many products in the past but have never experienced the dramatic results I have since using CurraNZ.

It has enabled me to recover faster after hard training and delays the onset of fatigue during threshold sessions, essentially enabling me to train harder for longer.

Some supplements come and go but for me CurraNZ is here to stay.



'It helps my athletes in training, recovery and injury'

David Dunne

Performance nutritionist to Team Wiggins, GB Canoe, Harlequins Rugby

CurraNZ has helped my athletes during periods of heavy training, short turnarounds in competition and also during recovery from injury. Being HFL tested is also essential making it a great choice for all athletes.



'My recovery time and energy have improved. This is a world-class supplement'

James McGee

Ireland No1 tennis player

"I was fortunate to discover Curranz in summer 2015 when my nutritionist encouraged me to try them, as he had been seeing a lot of positive results with other clients.

“As a tennis player and full-time athlete, recovery time is just as important as training - and good nutrition and supplementation is a critical part of the recovery process.

“Curranz has some of the highest concentrations of anti-oxidants and flavonoids of any cultivated food in the world. From my experience of using this New Zealand blackcurrant extract, my recovery time and energy have improved. My muscles feel less exhausted after intense sessions and my energy does not ebb up and down as much as it had in the past.

“Curranz is a world-class supplement with guaranteed benefits. I will continue taking it in 2016 while I compete in the biggest events in the world and work toward breaking into the top 100 in the ATP rankings.

“I am very happy to be working with Curranz and can’t recommend them highly enough.”



'This improved my recovery to compete and medal in the 50km and 100km World Championships three weeks apart'  

Jo Zakrzewski

Leading Team GB endurance runner, 2014 Ultrarunner of the Year

I admit to having initial doubts, but since taking CurranNZ, I have found that my recovery is much improved and I am able to add smaller races into my goal race buildup without having to take several days to taper and recover.

Last year I was able to run a half marathon, a marathon and a 50k in my buildup to the World 100k Champs, and I surprised myself yet again by taking out a trail half marathon win only a week after racing the Comrades Ultramarathon.

I did the Dragons Back in Wales, a five-day, 300+km, mountainous event relied on CurraNZ as recovery is the name of the game for an extreme endurance test of that nature.

As an athlete who is currently on the WADA database, I have to be available for drug testing seven days a week, and would not take something that I did not believe to be effective or that had not gone through rigorous testing. I have had five tests in and out of competition since starting to use CurraNZ.

On a slightly different note, my day job is as a GP, and I have noticed that CurraNZ seems to have a positive effect on my immune system, as I avoided catching most of the coughs, colds and other viruses that are brought into the surgery every day.



'It makes a huge difference to my training and recovery'

Greg Bateman

Professional rugby player, Exeter Chiefs

I was recommended CurraNZ by a fellow player. At first I was sceptical as we have so many supplements thrown down our necks which are advertised as the next ‘holy grail’ of mass building, fat loss or recovery.

After just two days of use, I noticed my soreness was significantly lower than it ever has been. My ability to train hard again the following days and weeks has really kicked off. There's a huge difference in the metres I’m covering in training and games since I first started using CurraNZ.

Most impressive is my recovery, not only immediately after matches, but the day after, and at the start of the week when I can train well instead of having to ease back into things.

The handy capsules are really easy to have in the bag and I find it really flexible. I up my dose around tougher training days and lower it on recovery days.

I can't recommend CurraNZ enough and spend as much time passing it on to others as possible!



'I recommend CurraNZ for marginal performance gains and improving immunity'

Reece Barclay

Fifth, IronMan Kona 2015 (18-24). Second Ironman UK 2016 (25-29)

 I've been using CurraNZ for over a year now as part of my healthy, varied diet and to supplement my chosen sport in triathlon.

I have found since supplementing with CurraNZ has significantly reduced the incidences of illness, particularly colds and upper respiratory tract infections.

I have also found that it has helped with my performance by lowering my rate of perceived exertion and heart rate for the same power output while cycling.

I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to find a marginal performance gains and keeping sickness at bay.



'I have found a noticeable difference in the way my body recovers using CurraNZ'

Ross Murray

British Olympic middle-distance runner

Since using CurraNZ I have found a noticeable difference in the way my body recovers. My muscles ache less and my body as a whole feels fresher and more energised. Plus, my training has gone up to another level since using it. I would recommend to any athlete or anyone who wants to feel good.

*Ross was a semi-finalist at the 2012 London Olympics in the men's 1500m and presently aiming to qualify for the World Champs in Beijing, 2015

Watch Ross's video on using CurraNZ: Click here http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2I7-F6SEMQ



'My training has gone through the roof using CurraNZ'

Jamie Lloyd

Gold Medallist in Giveroy Sport Long Cycle

Since taking CurraNZ I have noticed that my training has gone through the roof. I have noticed my recovery is better and don't get DOMS like I used to which means I can now train harder.



'I've become much leaner using CurraNZ for my triathlon training, while changing nothing in my diet'

Kirsty Myles

Former International rower, GB age-group triathlete

I started taking Curranz during the winter months (2015-16) after struggling with recovery and feeling what can only be described as severe dead and painful legs during training. Taking them consistently has really helped with this and I've found I arrive on race day feeling fresher, with more of a spring in my step. 

As well as aiding recovery, CurraNZ is also meant to improve fat burning during exercise, for greater endurance. I found when I started taking one capsule a day, I noticed a difference in my body shape. I was changing nothing in my diet but was becoming leaner. 

I cannot recommend CurraNZ enough - they were the top of my food bag post-Ironman 70.3 last week, when I finished fifth at my first attempt, having never cycled 56 miles before or run more than 14km in training. Plus, I recorded a massive swim PB that I wasn't expecting either. After the race I didn't feel  as sore as I thought I would - the recovery benefits of CurraNZ were noticeable, once again. 



'I PBd in every race at the British National Swim Championships'

Lucy Bean

Swimmer, top ten National Swimming Championships, 2016

Training 18 hours a week in the pool and 3 hours in the gym, whilst competing almost every weekend, means my ability to recover quickly can be challenging.

Since taking Curranz I've noticed a drastic drop in recovery time and a real reduction in DOMS, allowing me to train harder and faster during intense sessions.

Not only does Curranz support my recovery but my immunity has improved, meaning I haven't been missing any crucial training blocks.

The 2016 British National Swimming Championships went very well, I PB'd in every event and made finals in all of those, finishing fifth/sixth/eighth/ninth, just missing out closely on medals.

This is my first year in the 19+ category and, considering I'm still technically 18, I was by far the youngest in every final and am happy with what I achieved. 

I ended up swimming 12 races in a week which was very challenging, and Curranz definitely helped me recover from the quick turnaround of heats to finals.



‘This works so well I am unlikely to tell any athlete in the age bracket I compete in’

Mark Kleanthous

Veteran of 36 IronMans. Coach in triathlon, sports nutrition, open water swimming and author of 'The Complete Book of Triathlon Training'

I have competed for more than 30 years in IronMan, ultra running, marathon and am about to compete in my 36th IronMan, so I know my body inside out and if something helps or not. I have seen many supplements come and go during the last three decades.

I was an elite triathlete and now, as a good for-age triathlete, I am always looking for a natural supplement to improve my sporting performance.

Since taking CurraNZ it has really helped me recover like I used to 12-15 years ago and have improved stamina by being able to keep going at a high intensity for longer.

Since using CurraNZ I have had some impressive performances in training and triathlons – 10th and 12th respectively - despite being 53 years young.

On one particular hilly cycle circuit I was able to break a time I have not achieved for more than 12 years. I have also completed a full length of my training lake and back in a season’s best using CurraNZ.

I can often experience sore muscles 48 hours after big training sessions but after some five-hour work-outs (swimming/cycling/running) I have been sleepy rather than tired and have had no problems with delayed muscle soreness.

CurraNZ has helped my mental concentration, especially when training early in the morning. I had no stomach issues during an intense work out or competition either.

I will continue to use CurraNZ and will highly recommend it to my athletes. The only negative is it works so well I am unlikely to tell any athlete in the same age group as me!

Mark is a full-time professional performance triathlon, open water and sport nutrition coach, mentor, author and motivational guest speaker. He is in his 31st consecutive triathlon season, having competed in 1050 events worldwide, finished in over 460 triathlons, 77 marathons (71 sub-three hours, best time 2:24:40) and has the Marathon Des Sables in his CV. Additionally he has finished in 36 IronMans, two double Irons and one triple Iron.



'I've been using CurraNZ with my top triathletes, including a British Junior Champion'

Blair Davies

Triathlon coach

CurraNZ is great, coupling it with my vegan lifestyle, my down-time from muscle fatigue is minimal, it is a shame as I actually miss the feeling of DOMS!

‘It's also a phenomenal way to shift my hay fever issue that seems to haunt me year in year out, so naturally I'm over the moon.

‘I've been using CurraNZ with some of my top triathletes too, who have posted numerous race wins this season, with a new British Junior Champion on the books, so the product is doing something right.

'I'd highly recommend this natural product for athletes who are looking to get that extra edge on their competition. Nutrition is a fundamental part of any individual’s training program, why not take it up a notch?’ 



'I never have DOMS and my ability to train and results have soared'

Lucy Majury

Cross Fit Personal Trainer and Athlete

I have been taking Curranz for a few months in order to aid my recovery and it has been absolutely amazing. I never have DOMS (delayed onset on muscle soreness) and my ability to train and results have soared.

I set a new personal best at the Cross Fit Athlete Games in January, lifting 132.5kg in the dead lift, despite having no more than 20 seconds to recover from my previous lift - 130kg.

I had absolutely no soreness after the event – and expected to be broken – but had nothing.

My training partner even asked to have some of my Curranz to take at the Athlete Games to aid her recovery as she has seen how much they have helped me – “I am amazed, I have no DOMS either, this is amazing I feel fresh and ready to go! Bring on day two!

* Lucy set two British powerlifting records for her weight category in March, 2015 when benching 62.5kg and squatting 120.5kg. She is now heading to the British, European and World powerlifting championships



'My recovery and lack of DOMS is impressive using CurraNZ'

Natarsha ‘Iron Tarsh’ Wendt

Triathlete, Weekend Warrior

I’ve been using CurraNZ since December, 2014 and was sceptical at first to be honest, however after putting it to the test during my one of hard training weeks leading into Challenge Bahrain, I was suitably impressed.

The ability to recover as quickly as I did and return the following day to execute either one or two hard sessions was impressive.

I experienced no DOMS, quicker recovery time and reduced fatigue - which was my biggest indicator. With such a hectic lifestyle and training as much as I do, being mentally alert is a key factor to my daily life post training.

I won’t go without my daily dose of CurraNZ now.



'I wouldn't be without CurraNZ. I can push myself harder in each session, with confidence that I will be able to train hard again the next day'

Alice Tourell

S/C coach and GB Age Group Triathlete, European/World Championship-bound 2015

I initially decided to try CurraNduring my winter training block to boost my immune system. Being my first triathlon-centred winter block, I was struggling with really low energy and a friend recommended CurraNZ. After taking the product my training went really well, I felt more energized and able to cope with my heavy training load.

I have to admit that I stopped taking CurraNZ before beginning my next training block (laziness on my part for not re-ordering) and the result was horrendous. I couldn’t figure out why I was so tired and sore after training. Triple training days were killing me and I found no matter how much stretching and foam rolling I was doing, I just couldn’t stop the muscle soreness. The only thing I had changed was to stop taking CurraNZ.

Since then I will not be without it. My recover is quicker, my energy levels are greatly improved and I can push myself harder in each session with complete confidence that I will be able to train hard again the next day.'



'I have delayed fatigue and pain on the bike, enjoy a faster recovery and, overall I’m a healthier athlete'

Sophie Johnson

GB Age-Group Triathlete, former SKU National Karate Champion

I have been a member of GB’s Age Group Sprint Triathlon Team since 2014 and previously trained with GB Karate squad before retiring to take exams.

Always active, I need all the help I can get with training and recovery, but wary of taking anything unnatural. I'm conscious of how easy it is for non-batch tested products to fall outside of regulations, which is why I've turned to CurraNZ.

The strain of training and racing across three sporting disciplines takes its toll, especially with a full-time job.

Recovery for an Age Group triathlete is crucial, so I can hit the ground fresh the next day - or the same day with double-training sessions. I’ve found that double training days have become considerably easier after taking CurraNZ

During races, I’ve observed delayed fatigue from lactate build-up on the bike so I can push hard and still feel fresh into the run.

The other thing an AG competitor faces is the dreaded office cold. Being prone to upper respiratory tract infections, I’ve welcomed the fact that CurraNZ boosts my immunity.

I’ve used other natural products in the past but none have given the combined enhancements of CurraNZ, with its performance, immune and recovery-boosting properties. I’ve found other products to leave me with GI issues before the race - but I avoid that with CurraNZ.